About Us
                    WE  ARE LINDMARK  MACHINE  WORKS

                   > A 58 year old job shop that machines small, medium and large components.
                   > We have planermills with capacity to 8' x 10' x 40'.
                   > We have medium size CNC Milling and Turning capacity.
                   > Our surface grinders can work on parts as large as 24" x 30" x 192".
                   > We can turn and bore material up to 150"  in diameter.
                   > We are well equipped to do repairs on worn parts or make replacement parts.  
                   > We manufacture and recondition most press brake dies and punches.
                   > We also rebuild machines and machine tools.

                   When that job arrives that has medium or large machining needs, we are the company
                   to call for prompt, accurate, effective service.       Thank You